Publish Your Extension!

Once you’re satisfied with your extension, you can publish it. Publishing an extension freezes that version, so no changes can be made to that version, only to the new versions. At the moment, every extension that you publish to the market is only visible to you.

To publish an app, every extension in the app needs to be published. So, let’s publish it!

$ shoutem publish
Publishing `Restaurants` extension to Shoutem...
Version `0.0.1` of `Restaurants` extensions was published!

Once you’re satisfied with your app, you can go to Settings tab to update iOS and Android store metadata and publish your app!

Shoutem has developed a very easy and intuitive process of app publishing. Simply insert information on one place and Shoutem will take care of the rest.

Your App is Published!

Once the app hits the stores, sending push notification couldn’t be easier. Just navigate over to the Push tab in the Builder and customize the push notification you want to send.

Tracking what users are doing within your app is also in the palm of your hand with our Stats tab.

What’s next?

Get to work making gorgeous native apps!

Check out these resources:

Happy coding!